Thursday, 29 September 2011

I love Rhino's

A Black Rhino kicking up dust on his way to the waterhole during the dry season.

Recently, the world (and I) celebrated World Rhino Day. The stats are not looking great for these beautiful creatures, with a new incident of poaching nearly every day. Something needs to be done, and there are many good people working toward the common goal of Saving the Rhino. One of the easiest ways to help as a South African is to get your hands on a MySchool/ MyPlanet card. You can then choose the Endangered Wildlife Trust's Rhino Fund as your beneficiary, and every time you swipe at participating stores (most notably, Woolworths), a portion of your spending is donated, at no cost to you. This is completely free, and can be ordered from and clicking on the 'get a card link'.Another trustworthy charity, and further information can be found at

Reflection of a Black Rhino at sunset

On World Rhino Day, Getaway, along with Rhino Africa and others, organized an awareness protest outside of Parliament in Cape Town. Along with a couple of friends, I popped down to do a bit of shouting and listening to various speakers and to partake in my first South African Protest...  The turnout was pretty good, with many from the 'younger generation' which I think is very positive for the future of conservation in South Africa.

Outside Parliament in Cape Town

Here are a few pictures from my more memorable Rhino sightings. I really hope that I have many more years ahead of photographing these giants, they are beautiful.

Cooling off in the waterhole at night.

Black Rhino at last light

This was a very amusing sighting of a White Rhino 'having his way' with a termite mound.

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