Sunday, 20 February 2011


Hi All!

So this is post number one - welcome!

I hope you enjoy following me on my travels as much I hope to enjoy sharing my experiences. I’m fortunate enough to have time to travel at the moment, as I complete my studies. I intend to take full advantage of this, and see as much as I can. Most of my travels are wildlife related, as this is my passion. Hopefully the pictures and stories I share will encourage you to do some travelling of your own, failing which, at least you will be able to experience these places through my eyes. When I'm not traveling, I plan to share some stories on past trips. When I am away, I will do my best to deliver live updates if possible!

Please feel free to contact me about anything - and I hope you enjoy the blog!!

This picture was taken in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia last year, and is of a baobab as the sun was setting behind it. Africa is the best place to watch the sun set. The heat lingers as the air becomes still, and the earth breathes a gentle sigh. Everything is calm for a moment, before the unknown of night descends.

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  1. Great idea - look forward to following your travels.